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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Other than the Masons, are there other organizations that Catholics should not participate in?

On Holy Thursday in my parish, after the 12 at the altar have their feet washed, they then go out to the congregation and begin washing feet of others. Is this a liturgical nuisance?

What is the procedure a priest uses when performing an exorcism? 

How important is it to believe in Jesus to get into Heaven, based off of John 3:16 and 3:36?

Tomorrow is a national Day of Silence sponsored by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. My work has asked me to wear a pin in support of ending bullying for this cause. Is it okay for me to participate?

When God told Moses to lift up the serpent on the pole to heal the people, wasn’t this idolizing the serpent.

Did Joseph know that Mary took a vow of perpetual virginity before he was engaged to her? If so, why would he marry her?

How does a pre-emptive strike coincide with the just war doctrine?

My boys attend Catholic High School and are putting on play “DaVinci’s Last Supper” and students will be giving “communion” to the audience. Is this appropriate?

Did Christianity borrow the idea of good and evil from Zoroastrianism since it pre-dates Christianity?

Can I become a Catholic if I am pro-choice? I am currently a Lutheran.

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