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Open Forum

My husband was adopted and we don’t know if he was baptized. We were married in the Catholic Church, but now I’m wondering if we need to cover some bases since we don’t know if he was baptized or not.

Why do we not say “Hallelujah” in Lent?

Why is the Greek Orthodox Old Testament canon larger than the Catholic Old Testament canon?

During the Transfiguration, were were Moses and Elijah already in heaven? I thought nobody could be in heaven yet at that point.

My friend is an ordained ELCA pastor. In trying to explain the hypostatic union to her, I said that when Jesus said “Father, thy will be done,” it wasn’t the Son being subordinate to the Father, but Jesus was expressing the subordination of his human nature to the Father. My friend said this was incorrect and was the Nestorian view. Is this right?

Would Neanderthals be eligible to go to heaven?

I went to a parish where in response to the petitions the congregation would say other things than “Lord hear our prayer.” Is that okay?

What does the Church teach about someone who claims to be Catholic but still attempts to speak to spirits? My students are asking about the show “Long Island Medium.”

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