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Open Forum

I am curious about the multiple pronouns used for God (i.e. “Let us make man in our own image”). Are these carried over from the Hebrew translation?

I read online yesterday about an Archbishop baptizing a baby that is being raised by a homosexual couple. I am coming back to my Catholic faith, but this is very bothersome to me and I have concerns.

Would you recommend someone entering the Legionaries of Christ at this time?

Is Esavius Caesarea a saint? If not, why?

I am an atheist. I am wondering about the level of evidence for belief and why anyone would believe in the supernatural purely on written word.

I just brought a girl into the church (she was baptized) last Easter. I am her godmother. She has since become pregnant out of wedlock, is not planning to marry the father, and she would like me to attend the baby shower and be godmother to the baby. I don’t know if I should participate in the shower or if I can even support her through this. Is it appropriate for me to be godmother to her child in these given circumstances?

Can you explain Leviticus 14? It has significance in the time in which it was written, yet is applicable today. I want to follow up on the previous call about the language in the Bible being applicable to all ages.

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