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Open Forum

Does Satan fear Mary?

Is it true that Martin Luther maintained belief in the perpetual virginity of Mary and had a devotion to her?

If 1 Tim 3 teaches that it is better for somebody to be married in ministry, why does the Catholic Church teach celibacy?

Does the Eastern Orthodox have the real presence of Christ in their tabernacles? Why can’t a Catholic priest and an Orthodox priest celebrate Mass together?

I left the Catholic Church as a teenager and practiced a little bit of divination. I heard that this might prevent me from going to heaven. This has prevented me from going back to Church. What should I do?

Where is it in scripture that Mary doesn’t have sin? Also, if a priest is in mortal sin, can he confect the Eucharist?

Can I attend a wedding in which the groom had been married before? I suspect his first marriage wasn’t valid, but I’m not sure.

What is a plenary indulgence?

I’m not sure if I’m Catholic. I was baptized as a kid and had first communion, then I joined other Churches.

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