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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Archbishop Oscar Romero was supposedly shot at a military base. This seems to me that the government may have had a hand in his murder. What types of social justice activities should we as Catholics participate in?

In the book of Genesis, God spoke to Eve of the serpent andwoman relationship, it and says the “serpent will snap at her heel”. I understand this to be referencing Mary. What is meant by “snap at her heel”?

I am curious about the translation of the Lord ’s Prayer “lead us not into temptation”. From Spanish, it would translate “don’t let us fall into temptation”. Secondly, I have heard Jimmy say that holding hands during the Lord ’s Prayer is not necessary, but I seem to see more and more of this, even between priests and deacons at the altar.

In the gospel, the Samaritan woman has five husbands. Is it correct to interpret the husbands as the gods of the five tribes of Samaria?

In regards to free will and predestination, my father-in-law says that if God is all-knowing, He knows what I will do in my life and whether or not I will believe in Him. So, why even worry or bother with my actions, if it is predetermined. I don’t know how to answer my father-in-law.

When a person gets baptized, you are forgiven of all of your sins. Does someone still have to pay restitution for the sins, even if you are forgiven?

Paragraph 846 in the catechism talks about there being no salvation outside of the church. I was hoping to get some interpretation on this section.

I am not in agreement with what is being said about what is in the catechism regarding salvation and the interpretation of dogma.

I hear talk of morality being God-given. I am curious of your thoughts on the idea of morality being obtained through objective reasoning, without needing God. 

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