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Open Forum

How do I defend the Church to an atheist when they challenge me about the Bible being written many years after Christ had died?

Were there baptisms before John the Baptist?

What is the chronology around the Presentation in the temple and the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt?

Do all people have guardian angels or do only baptized Catholics have them?

Is it a sin to learn about astrology even if you don’t give people advice based on it?

What’s the deal with people saying that camels weren’t around Israel during the time of Christ?

If Mary and Joseph never consummated their marriage, but we believe a marriage must be consummated for it to be valid, how could Mary and Joseph have a valid marriage?

A Protestant recently told me that we are not all children of God. She cited a lot of scripture to back this up. How can I refute her using scripture? Also, what is the best way to study the Bible to defend the Catholic faith?

At the Last Supper, was the bread and wine really consecrated while Jesus was still there physically present?

Regarding burying a statue of St. Joseph, one priest told me it was okay and another told me it wasn’t. Who is right?

I have a 21 year old daughter who was born and raised Catholic. She now doubts that God is who Catholic Church says he is. How can I get her back on track?

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