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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Which would you rather receive at the time of your death – anointing of the sick from a priest or Eucharistic from a lay minister?

I’m a Methodist minister and I’m ready to leave because I’m starting to feel a call to the Catholic Church but my wife isn’t interested in converting. How should I proceed because I don’t want to cause tension in my marriage?

What is the Catholic Church’s stance on the rapture?

Does Romans 9 factor into the free-will debate?

Why do Catholics have to go to confession to priests rather than just confess to God directly?

What if we find documentation from the 1st century that proves that Jesus has brothers? Will the Catholic Church change its teaching?

How did the Church establish that Peter was the first pope?

When Biden was promoting same-sex marriage he quoted the pope, “we shouldn’t judge.” Please comment on this.

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