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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

In John 17:9 it says “and for their sake, I consecrate myself that they also may be consecrated to the truth”. What does Jesus mean by this?

What is the correct posture for your hands when you pray (fingertips together pointing up, or fingers interlaced)?

After Cain killed Abel, God told him He would put a sign on him so that people would know what he did. What “people” is God referring to? I thought the only other people on Earth at the time were Adam and Eve. Also, where do we get the idea that an apple was the fruit that was eaten off of the tree? The Bible just says “fruit”.

If science can show that the universe has always existed, would this finding undermine Church teaching? If so, would the Church go along with this finding?

My friend claims that the concensus of the Church fathers was that Christians should be pacifisits, and that when Augustine formulated the “Just War Theory”, the Church changed positions. What is your take on this?

Is there any evidence that there were deaconesses in the church’s history?

In the early eccumenical councils, why didn’t the pope and bishops play a larger role in defining the faith?

Why do Catholics pray to Mary? Also the Bible says, “call no man on Earth ‘father’”, so why do Catholics use this title for priests and also the title “holy father” for the pope?

I have a lesbian cousin who is pregnant and they are having a baby shower. Should I go?

Since the church considers the body and soul an integral unit, when the body dies, what is the state of the soul? Does it have any physical capabilities, perceptions?

Did St Joseph know that Mary took a vow of perpetual virginity prior to marrying her? If so, why did he marry her? Secondly, since the Book of Tobit is not historical, Where does its validity lie?

I am looking for some clarification on the church’s position on social justice? I feel like it is being hijacked by the government, and the Catechism does not discuss social justice in much depth.

My children go to Catholic school. One of their teachers said that stories in the Bible are fiction. Is this true?

I am strongly considering converting to Catholicism (raised Methodist), but have some concerns for my family: My husband is still unsure about converting himself, and I don’t know how to raise my children. All my kids have known is the evangelical church and I would really like to have them baptized. Are there evangelical Catholic Churches to make the transition easier for my family? Also, where would my marriage stand in the eyes of the Catholic Church?   

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