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The Chaplain Is In

My best friend is getting married soon and I’m not sure if it will be in the Church. If it’s not, will I be able to be her maid of honor?

In my parish we have a Mass in which the priest invites everyone to come up and receive the sacrament of the sick. Is this okay?

I am a new revert; what spiritual disciplines would you recommend for me to grow in my faith?

My husband is a convert to the faith and is kind of going through a dry spot in his faith. He is not questioning Catholicism but wants to return to going to protestant services as well as going to Catholic Mass. Is this ok? What is your advice?

I am struggling with deep hurt because my husband had multiple affairs. I’d like to think I have forgiven him, but I feel like I can’t trust him. What do you think?

My in-laws are Catholic (my husband and I are born-again Christians). I’m wondering why Catholics don’t read the bible except at Mass?

I’m a lapsed Catholic, mainly because I’m having an issue with praying to the saints and Mary. Why do you pray to saints?

Sometimes I feel sorry for the devil. Why wasn’t he forgiven?

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