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Open Forum

As a woman raised in the Catholic Church, it has never been well explained to me why woman are not able to become priests. I always loved reading how involved the woman are in the gospels. Where can I look to find more guidance on this topic so that I can better understand the Church’s decision?

A core part of marriage is procreation/having a family. How do we explain Mary making vows of perpetual virginity while still marrying Joseph?

Who actually celebrated the first mass after Easter?

In the argument between sola scriptura and the authority of the Church, where do we actually find the authority of the Church?

My nephew is a fallen away Catholic and is going to marry a Jewish woman. At my church mission, I was told to not attend the wedding of a fallen away Catholic. I just received my nephew’s save the date. What do I do? Does the church have a rule, or is it a case-by-case situation?

I am looking for someone to come and speak at our seminar on the topic of exorcism with respect to mental health. Do you have any suggestions?

How is it that a pope can be canonized by those on earth? If the pope is “Christ on Earth”, how can those below him declare him a saint and that he is going Heaven?

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