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Open Forum

Matthew 18 says if any two agree they have the power to bind and loose. Then in Matthew 16 only Peter has this power. Is there a way to surpass the power of authority/the pope? Also, as far as doctrine versus dogma, in regards to celibacy of the priesthood, can we ever go back on this decision?

I am looking for book recommendations. A lot of converts have Marian conversion. Can you recommend a good book about Mary and Marian devotion for a devout Catholic? Also, I would like a good book about St. Joseph.

Why doesn’t Pope Francis make a clarifying statement regarding the core teachings of the Catholic Church so to clear up all the recent ambiguity?

What are the steps for canonizing a saint?

From the gospel of John: Unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sin. I didn’t think it would ever be possible to not die in sin. Can you clarify this verse for me?

I am a relatively new Catholic, and I struggle with the idea of celibacy in the priesthood. Why isn’t it allowed prior to ordination to have a free choice of a married life (and remain at the parish level) or a celibate life (and be able to go on further with your vocation). I see this is a choice in other religions. I am not trying to challenge this idea, I am just looking for a deeper understanding.

I am looking for further understanding of 1 Corinthians when God destroys the temple. Also, regarding family dynamics/titles, should my children call their aunts and uncles (not blood relatives, part of the family through a second/third marriage) by those titles, or by their first names?

Did the pope excommunicate the crusade leaders that sacked Constantinople?

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