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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Why was it necessary for God to ask Mary if she would be the mother of Jesus, if He already knew that she would say “yes”?

Are we allowed to read our Bible during the proclamation of the gospel, and the other readings during the mass. Why or why not?

When Catholics speak of going through trials in their life, they often say they are suffering with Christ. What is the purpose of this? It seems to me like this is glorification of suffering. I don’t understand this Catholic teaching.

I have a special needs child who cannot read or write. He is older now and has not be able to accept the sacraments because he cannot go through the necessary classes. The curriculum doesn’t seem to have any provisions for individuals with special needs. This has caused us to leave the Church about 5 years ago. Do we have any options in the Church to help my child receive his sacraments? Is this only an issue in South Carolina?

Didn’t the Church have stricter rules regarding fasting in the past? When did these rules change? Secondly, will God change our names when we enter into heaven, like he changed Abraham’s name?

Is it okay, as a Catholic, to teach my Bollywood-style dance class at a Hindu festival that I was invited to participate in?

Why do pagans babble in prayer? We read about this in scripture, which we read every night.

I grew up with absent parents. My mother is a lesbian. Now, she goes to the church where I am a CCD teacher. I love her, but I don’t want to be perceived as though I approve of her lifestyle in front of my students and their families. I am really struggling with this. What is your advice?

How would one define the soul? Does the “Catholic soul” differ from “human soul”?

What is Scientology? I often see them outside on my way to church and wonder what they are doing.

Our understanding has developed over time. When I speak to Protestants about this, I have difficulty with them not seeing this. I don’t know how I can explain this idea to others. 

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