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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

I would like to better understand what the Catholic belief is concerning what will happen on the last day/rapture.

Does the Church consider the religious life a higher state than the diocesan priesthood? Would you recommend anyone at this point to enter the Legionary of Christ?

I have heard a lot about Native American shamanism. I would like to learn more of the Church’s position on this practice.

We are baptised “priest, prophet and king”. Can you explain this for me?

Why can’t Catholics have their ashes scattered at sea?

Does purgatory have a place on judgement day for people with venial sins? Secondly, what would be an effective way to explain the meaning of Lent to others?

If no one can get out of Hell, is the devil confined to Hell? If so, how is it that he is able to be an influence to us on Earth, or have control over happenings on Earth?

What is the process to start a new religious order? Are there requirements, etc?

I have some questions regarding the restrictions associated with fasting during Lent. For instance, is it okay for me to have an afternoon coffee while I am fasting?

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