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Why Are You an Atheist?

Trent Horn

You are very confident that there is a God, the bible old and new was not written by eyewitness’ so how do you justify believing the bible? I am atheist because you cannot prove that God exists.

You have poor analogies, like “asking someone their name at a party”. The existence of God cannot be proven. When Christians take this “leap of faith”, which is irrational, they choose to live in this fantastical fairytale world. The physical world is everything. The supernatural is not real. Everything from conception to death is physical, how do we know that life just isn’t a natural phenomenon of existence.

Because atheism is the only option science can entertain. Also I am writing a paper on how creation breeds anti intellectualism, what are your thoughts?

People that say God does not exist are ignorant. We don’t know if God exists. I am not a believer, but I grew up Christian. My big reason for being unsure, is the question: how literal is the bible to be taken/there is no way of knowing if God exists.

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