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Open Forum

The priest at Mass said it was a sin for people to leave after they received ashes yesterday. Is that true?

In the movie “The Greatest Miracle” it explains that the Mass, says that during the petitions an angel takes the intentions in your heart up to God. Is this true?

I never hear about guardian angels anymore; do we still believe in them? Where do we get the idea that there are different types of angels like cherubim and seraphim?

Is it appropriate for a priest to distribute ashes outside of Mass?

Why did Jesus die on the cross? Was it for our orignial sin, our personal sin? How does this affect the people who died before Jesus?

If don’t want to be resuscitated is that okay? Also, if I get diagnosed with cancer do I have to go through treatment for it?

I took my catechism class through the last supper reenactment so they could get an idea what it was like. Was that appropriate?

I have read that in medieval times theologians debated the question of how many angels can dance on the head of a needle. Did they ever figure it out?

What is the difference between a memorial and a feast on the Church calendar?

My brother-in-law doesn’t believe Jesus existed because the biblical Jesus has similarities with other religious figures. What can I study to refute him?

My son is in prison and has been going to the Assembly of Yahweh. Can you give me any background on them? They baptize in the name of Jesus and have other unorthodox ideas. What can I do to get him back on track?

I heard something about some early Christians in Britain having underground Churches. Is that true?

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