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Bioethics for the Rest of Us

In Humanae Vitae #14 it says you can’t prevent conception. But I heard that it was okay to prevent conception like in the case of a rape, after the crime but before conception, if possible, by medical intervention. How does this reconcile with Humanae Vitae?

My friends claim that euthanasia is a compassionate act because it alleviates suffering. What is the response to this?

When does the burden of care become greater than the benefit of providing tube feeding?

My wife and I are having trouble conceiving. Is IUI okay? Also what is the difference between GIFT (gamete intrafallopian transfer) and IUI?

What are your thoughts on embryo adoption? I understand the Church is still working out a position, but it seems like a laudable thing to do.

We used IVF for a pregnancy. There are two embryos in storage and I am troubled by that. I have been to confession, and the priest said I should feel no pressure to attempt a pregnancy with those stored embryos, but I still feel troubled. Can you give me any advice?

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