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The Chaplain Is In

If going to confession cleanses us of our sins, why do we need Purgatory?

Does the Bible tell us we have to get ashes today?

Is my friend sinning by dating someone who is divorced and hasn’t received an annulment?

I went in today to get my car inspected and the guy saw the ashes on my forehead. He said that all religions are the same. How should I have responded?

I’m taking a job in another city and I have to move away from my girlfriend which I was on the verge of proposing to. If we were to get engaged, how would diocesan marriage preparation work with us being so far apart?

Can a premature baby who has been baptized receive the sacrament of the sick?

Why are there so many different denominations when we all belong to one faith? Why did you choose to become a Dominican? Also, some people say all sins are the same because they all offend God, but the Catholic faith distinguishes between venial and moral; is there scriptural support for this?

My spouse is not treated well by her parents. I have trouble forgiving them. What should I do?

I’m a truck driver and it’s hard to get to Mass every Sunday. Sometimes I go to inter-denominational services on Sunday at truck stops. Should I receive communion there? I’ve been pressured to.

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