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Open Forum

A found an apologist online named Matthew Slick who stated Catholics are not Christians. He said we are heretical and do not believe in the resurrection. I have never heard this before, what are your thoughts?

Is it okay to pray to a saint during Lent? In my church bulletin, it suggested to pick a saint and ask for help and protection from him/her during this lenten season.

I often listen to Christian radio for music. A DJ said you can neither win your way in or lose you spot in Heaven. In other words, you can’t separate yourself from God. This seems to go against Catholic teachings, what do you think?

Does the Catholic Church believe that the pope has the authority from God to change what is said in scripture? I have heard it said that at one point a pope will come and state that Christ is not God and that He was not born of a virgin.

I read an article in a Jewish magazine about the pope and Mussolini. Have you heard anything about this, or any information the Vatican has released about this regarding WWII era?

I am dealing an individual with severe disdain for the Catholic Church. What are some good resources or testimonies to help me explain and defend Catholicism?

I am wondering if you have heard of Bishop John Shelby Spong, an Anglican bishop. My brother really respects him, but he seems heretical to me. He asked me for proof that Peter was crucified upside down. He also does not believe in resurrection or the soul. I don’t know how to reply to my brother and I am worried about him. What is your advice?

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