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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Predestination and free will. How do we reconcile the idea of God as an author of a book and ourselves being characters of the book?

Where does Gandhi fit into the church’s understanding and teachings of salvation?

What is the Church’s position on abortion if the birth of the fetus puts the mother’s life at risk?

I would like to know about the feast day of January 1st. This was known years ago as the Feast of the Circumcision. When and why did it change to the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary?

What is an anti-pope? I was reading a magazine shortly after Pope Francis was elected with a list of every pope, and several of the popes had a second name following with “anti-pope” after the second name?

Did St. Anne experience childbirth pains while giving birth to Mary (since she was born without sin), and did Mary experience childbirth pains giving birth to Jesus?

I have been reading The Father’s Know Best. I have a question about the legitimacy of protoevangelium.

If a family member invites me to Passover, is it okay to attend?

Do you think that saying “God is the only answer” is a foolish thing to say? Is this answer more of a theory that’s based on the available evidence, God is the best answer?

What is the Catholic Church’s stance on the anti-Christ? Is it thought to be a person, or an idea?

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