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I read something by a priest that said if you go to confession and get absolution but forget to confess a mortal sin, you have to go back to confession and get absolution again. Is that true? Also did Mary ever sin?

In Acts 10 the Gentiles had received Holy Spirit and then Peter commanded they be baptized. What is happening here? It was argued to me that if someone received the Holy Spirit then that means they have already been saved and therefore not in need of baptism.

How do I give a biblical defense of the Catholic belief of faith and works for salvation? My Protestant co-worker says that Jesus died for our sins so we don’t need any works.

Why would we allow AA meetings in our churches when someone in AA can believe that anything is God?

In Matthew 26:29 what did Jesus mean when he said he would not drink again of the fruit of the vine? Also, how did the ichthus become a symbol for Christians?

Why should I trust the Catholic view of history when there are so many different sides to the story?

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