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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Do you think there will ever be a time when Anglicans and Catholics can participate in one another’s Eucharist?

In Romans, Paul says as far as the gospel is concerned, Israel is an enemy of God. Do you consider those that do not know Christ to be anti-Christs?

The council of Jerusalem determined that circumcision was not necessary, then Paul was sent back with a letter telling the people to abstain from being strangled and drinking blood. Looking for further explanation of these ideas.

I am looking for explanation on the relationship between rationality and mystery in the Church. I am attracted to the mystery and presence of God, and then get confused with the heavy idea of using rationality to explain God.

If people are Christian, why do we need to have the divisions of different Christian religions. Shouldn’t we all be followers of Christ and not of institutions? Christ didn’t make a distinction. It sounds like being Christian is not enough when I listen to this radio program.

I don’t see purgatory anywhere in the bible. Where did this concept come from? Is it in the Catholic bible?

If the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ, then why can’t anybody from any faith receive it?

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