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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Steve Ray

I was baptized Catholic and raised Presbyterian and am now considering Catholicism. I am interested in the Church’s stance on creationism versus evolution. Is creationism a divided idea among Christians? What are the specifically Catholic teachings of creationism?

We believe that scripture is authoritative. Catholics believe the Church is also authoritative. Does the Church have the same level of authority as scripture?

I was listening to the pope’s recent 7-min speech of unity. He said there’s only one that is blameless (the Lord). What kind of blame would Mary be guilty of? Is this statement is true?

What is the Catholic stance on suicide? I was raised Baptist and often told suicide was the only unforgivable sin.

As an atheist, I get bothered by the idea that the only source of goodness and virtue is knowing God and acting according to His will. If a nonbeliever does good works, this shows that one doesn’t need to have a belief in God to do good. What is an example of a good work that can only be done if you believe in God. 

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