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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Is there any validity to a claim that camels shouldn’t be in Genesis. There was an article in the NY Times regarding the historical accuracy.

I was kicked out of confession. The priest said he didn’t want to hear my confession. Should I report this?

Is there such a thing as collective salvation? My friend says since Americans are fighting an unjust war, that he is now among the guilty since he is American, pays taxes, etc.

What is our responsibility in response to the Arizona senate passing the law that allows businesses to refuse service based on religious views. How can we effectively discuss this with others?

I’m a non-catholic, considering the Catholic faith. I have been married, divorced (ex-husband still living), remarried. Both marriages done in a church military wedding. Can I join the Catholic church? What  are my restrictions if I do?

I am looking for a better understanding of what happened after the Council of Florence. I had heard there was a major attempt at reunification with the Orthodox church. The Latin church made a lot of confessions to the Eastern church. Is this correct, and why didn’t reunification occur?

My friends want to get their baby baptized. The Church wanted to see more donation cards to prove they are practicing Catholics. Is it better to have a child baptized and not be raised in the Catholic Church (if the parents end up not being practicing), or better to not be baptized? (In regards to the child being more susceptible to the devil’s temptations)

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