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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

I am divorced and remarried. I recently went through RCIA and I am now practicing my faith. Should I seek an annulment for my first marriage? I was baptized as an infant. My first marriage was not in a church.

Is there some type of nihil obstat or imprimatur for radio content? How do I know I am not being misled by Catholic Answers Live?

My friend says his father was excommunicated for marrying a Lutheran woman in the 1950’s. Could this be true? Also, who can excommunicate?

I am a high school student interested in becoming an apologist. What career opportunities are there?

If someone were to go to the Eastern Orthodox Church instead of the Catholic Church would that be a step down?

Can non-Catholic churches determine impediments to marriage and grant annulments?

A couple years ago a priest gave me a penance of five rosaries. How important is doing the penance? Does the confession count if I didn’t do the penance?

My friend’s son was married but got another woman pregnant. He divorced his wife and is now living with the woman he got pregnant. His parents — my friends — are throwing the woman a baby shower. How can I tell them this is not appropriate? Is there anything in the Catechism about this?

What is the Catholic teaching on cremation?

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