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Open Forum

Where can I get more information about the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and how it relates to Aztec culture? Where can I get material for bible study in Spanish?

Why does God command evil in the Old Testament? I’m specifically wondering about Numbers 31 (slaying women) and Deuteronomy 21 (marrying captive women).

Jesus said he would send the Holy Spirit and his disciples would do greater works than he had done. Did this happen?

An atheist asked me why Christians don’t pray for Satan if we’re so forgiving How should I answer him?

How could Mary be a perpetual virgin if she was married to Joseph?

How can I answer my non-Catholic friend who says we shouldn’t baptize infants?

My wife and I were raised Catholic and we have since gone to a Protestant Church for the past several years. This has caused turmoil on her side of the family. We are interested in exploring the Catholic Church, but we have some hurdles to cross before we convert. Where is a good place for us to start?

Can you comment regarding the enslaving in the Old Testament, I’ve read that being a slave was actually better than the alternative, which would be starving to death or being executed. Would you agree with this?

The messages of Our Lady of All Nations seem to request that the Vatican declare Mary as co-redemptrix, and if the Church does not do this then there will be war. If I understand correctly, these apparitions were approved by the local bishop in 2002, so why hasn’t this been done?

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