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My father-in-law wants us to go to his second marriage. Both he and his fiance are baptized Catholic, second marriage for both (no annulments), want our daughter to be the flowergirl. What are my wife and I meant to do as Catholics? I’m worried this is going to result in ending our relationship with him.

If a person marries someone that is divorced, are they committing adultery in the eyes of the Church?

How is Tradition defined? What is it comprised of?

I was just confirmed and went to confession for the first time and confessed all my mortal sins. I would like some further direction on how to confess venial sins.

I witnessed a Eucharistic minister not give communion to a non-Catholic. How do I explain why to non-Catholics?

Regarding the scandal in Boston involving Cardinal Law, what is a good resource for reading about what actually happened/how the church handled the situation? I am weary of secular media reports of the situation.

I have two aunts, both living with boyfriends, both previously married. Both say that they are Catholic. I wrote a letter to one of them saying that this was immoral, pointing out several verses. Both of my aunts, as well as my mother, became upset with me. In particular, I cited 1 Cor 5:11-13 (do not even eat with those guilty of sexual immorality). Is this verse to be taken literally? Did I handle this correctly?

I spoke with a deacon who distributes communion around the community (retirement homes, etc). He told me he gives communion to all present. I know some of them must not be Catholic. Is this practice of his wrong?

Why do I always hear the argument about differentiating between Catholics and Christians. I consider myself a Christian, and I am also a Catholic. I was wanting to hear another point of view on this thought.

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