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Open Forum

My friend told me that Martin Luther had no choice but to split from the Church. He said that Pope Martin V issued a statement that said anyone who tried to reform the Church would be slaughtered. He says Jan Huss was burned at the stake because he tried to reform the Church. How should I respond?

Do Catholics believe that everything in the Bible should be take literally?

Acts makes it seem like the resurrection didn’t make a huge impression on the general populace of Jerusalem. Am I right?

Please help me understand how Mary is mediatrix of all graces.

If one is having guests over but they are not married, would it be sinful for the host to allow them to stay in the same bedroom?

In the Divine Mercy prayer and in others, why do we offer the body of Jesus to the Father? If we’re just humans, how can we do that? How is it pleasing to God that we would do that?

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