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Open Forum

Can you explain the Catholic view of predestination? When Protestants have communion, what is really happening?

Do the fallen angels, particularly Satan, have any semblance of the beatific vision? Did they have any sense that Jesus was God?

Is there a Catholic version of the “Protestant plan of salvation” i.e. the common string of Bible verses that lay out the plan of salvation?

Are the works of Malachi Martin reliable? Also, what does it mean to be made in the image of God considering we have a triune God?

My fiancé has started studying Kabala (he is Catholic and attends Mass). What is the Catholic Church’s position on it?

What is the Church’s position on sex change surgery? I can’t find it in the Catechism.

In paragraph 460 of the Catechism, what does it mean that man can “become God?”

How many years transpired between Noah and Christ? Also, how could the Presentation of Jesus been 40 days after his birth if the Holy Family had fled to Egypt?

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