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Open Forum

If addicts (whether porn or alcohol) are not culpable for their sin because of the addiction, then why shouldn’t they receive Communion?

Is there anything in the Church Fathers that would support the Eastern Orthodox position against papal authority?

I’m a Protestant in RCIA right now, and am leaning toward Catholicism. But reading Romans 4 regarding justification by faith is a real difficulty for me. How do Catholics reconcile that passage?

Can you recommend an online source for a young man who is in search for the truth? He has no religious affiliation. He seems open to Catholic information.

How is it that there was no sin involved when Jesus was lost as a boy? It seems like his parents would have sinned by not keeping good track of him.

I’m in a debate with a Protestant. I said God created the universe not to glorify himself but to create a relationship with us. Am I right?

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