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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Can you please explain why Catholics bring in Mary when they pray?

As a married protestant clergy woman, if I were to convert to Catholicism  what paid positions could I apply for in the Catholic Church?

I felt like I was called to the Catholic Church a few years ago and no one in my family is Catholic and they didn’t approve of it. I want to start RCIA when I go to college soon, but I don’t know how to start this? It is really hard to talk to my parents who don’t even go to Church.

Who is the woman clothed with sun in the book of Revelation?

Is there a difference between the soul and the spirit?

What is the difference between an idol and a statue?

My son is gay and an atheist – how to I present the teachings of the church on this “gay marriage” issue?

How can the Church get involved politically with the gay marriage issue?

Is there a point while we are living that we can sin so much that God just gives up on us? 

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