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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Where do animals go after they die?

I was born & raised Catholic and my wife wasn’t. We were married in the Catholic Church. She was baptised prior to the wedding and attended the necessary marriage prep classes, but that was the the extent.  I would really like her to come into church. How can I convince her to come to mass with me?

Why haven’t we heard anything about Pope Emeritus Benedict since he left his position?

If a sin is confessed in reconciliation and been forgiven, does this forgiveness extend to the other party involved in the sin?

I have a question about the genetic makeup of Christ. I know he is fully human and fully divine. Were Mary’s eggs used in the conception of Christ? If so, does that imply he has blood relatives?

Does the Church have any special programs for cradle Catholics returning to the Church to learn more about the Catechism? I am a returning Catholic. I participate with RCIA classes, but am not able to fully participate, and I feel excluded. I don’t want this experience to make me walk away from this church. Any thoughts?

I have been researching a claim from some of my evangelical friends that the Catholic Church was not founded until 387AD. I found out that this is not true. This research led me to wonder why the Eastern Orthodox Church claims that they are the original church founded by Jesus?

I am having discussions with a lukewarm Catholic friend of mine. Why is original sin passed on to each generation? Why didn’t Christ’s sacrifice take away original sin as well?

Why does it seem like there are more angels in Heaven, when here on Earth it seems like a lower percentage of humans make it Heaven?

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