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Pro-Life Open Forum

I works in hospice for a patient that is no longer eating and the family chooses not to place a feeding tube, what is the church’s position on this? 

I say that we are all pro-choice, God gave us a choice. We have made the choice to choose life. Am I saying this correctly? Would this be bothersome to others?

Was the pregnant mother who had died keeping the baby alive by extraordinary measures in comparison to a terminally ill person at the end of their life? 

A woman told me it’s her right to do what she wishes with her body and doesn’t want to discuss the matter. How can I approach someone with this attitude? 

What does the church do for teenagers to lead them to abstinence?

I have a living will. I have heard that it is not moral to pull a feeding tube. But it has been said there is no moral obligation to keep someone on a ventilator if they are unable to breathe. What is the difference in saving life for those who are unable to breathe and those who are unable to eat? This is a blurry differentiation for me.

I think women view abortion as the least evil because they think nobody knows about the abortion. But God knows and it harms their spiritual life. Is it possible this could be why they think it’s the lesser of the evils?

I made the choice to put my baby up for adoption. Who am I to close the gate from heaven to earth for a gift from God? I have kept in touch with the family. She is now a musician and doing very well. It is a difficult decision to make, but things worked out.  

The anti-abortion people are also against contraception. I feel if contraception was made more available, there would be fewer abortions. Is it possible for the church to endorse at least some forms of contraception to possibly lead to fewer abortions?

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