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Open Forum

So many different religions speak out against abortion. What actions are being taken by the Church to stop this behavior?  Actions as opposed to just words. The abuse of women by men is still occurring.

I was asked about where the sacraments can be found in the Bible by a non-Catholic. I wasn’t sure how to respond.

I had a coordinator within our community pull two people out of the communion line at mass because she says they are living in sin. Does she have the right to do this? I am a Eucharistic minister and have always been told that we do not have the right to refuse communion to someone because it is not for us judge.

I am going to RCIA classes, and we were discussing the topic of homosexuality within the New Testament. The passage we received stating that it is wrong was not clear to me. They mentioned that the passage in its original Greek form could be referring to a boy in slavery, which confused me. If the passage is then actually talking about slavery as opposed to homosexuality, where in the New Testament do we read about homosexuality?

I heard a secular radio station talking about Pope Francis saying that the church may not have the truth. This concerned me. What exactly was the statement that was made?

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