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The Chaplain Is In

I am past the age of bearing children. But one time I was pregnant, and I started to bleed, and the doctor gave me The Pill. I was so naive and took it and I think it resulted in an abortion or miscarriage. Am I responsible for this abortion?

Do people who have died feel bad for those who they have left behind? How can they be happy in Heaven when they know we are sad?

What is the difference between forgiving someone and continuing to enable them?

I’m confused about what Pope Francis says. How can I deal with this?

Is it appropriate that the priest asks the congregation to extend their hands when blessing somebody?

I used to live a certain way and people remember me like that. Now that I have given myself completely to Christ, I find myself trying to avoid these people from my past. If I am around them I sometimes slip into my past ways. Should I avoid them altogether?

I have a friend whose daughter died years ago and she is a lifelong friend of mine. Her husband has lost his faith. She has been isolated and miserable and making statements about wishing for death. It is very upsetting, I tell her God has a plan. Now I am wondering what I can do besides praying?

Is it wrong to date men that I know I not going to marry?

I’m a convert. During the procession, everyone in my church turns and watches the priest as if he is a bride. Is this an old practice? I have never seen this before?

We go to a church other than our parish sometimes. It is a little less conservative than our parish. They moved Christ and the tabernacle to a side altar. Is this okay?

My friend’s son is in prison and he has converted to Islam. Is it ok for me to tell her to try and bring him back to the church? He has “demoted Christ”.

I am engaged to a Presbyterian minister’s son. We are having a Catholic wedding. Is my fiance’s father able to participate in the ceremony?

I am prolife, with no reservation. When I go to prolife events I get very down after the fact, because I had an abortion. How can I discover what God wants me to be doing this with my life?

What is your advice for suffering family members who are living far away? How can I help?

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