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I have an 11-yr old son and we were reading about when God hardened pharaoh’s heart. It disturbed him. I explained that God did not take away pharaoh’s free will, that later on pharaoh hardened his own heart, and that it was all for the glory of God. He wasn’t satisfied with my answer. Any ideas?

If people knowingly leave the faith, their soul is in jeopardy. That is technically true, but everybody believes the religion they are a part of is the true religion. Beliefs don’t change. What is your response?

What information can you give about gnostics? Some passages were found in jars in Egypt that were described as gnostic and put down by Orthodox.

Protestants and Mormons have asked me about where the Bible teaches apostolic succession. What should I say?

Southern Baptist literature was given to me and I am wondering how I should respond to it? My aunt was of the religion and the pastor’s wife left some material for my family after the funeral service. They know that we are Catholic.

Does the Church teach that the single life is a vocation? If so, where?

How would you respond to someone who says God doesn’t care?

My son has told me he has same-sex attraction. He has been very active in church. How do I handle this? 

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