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Open Forum

I have been debating with a friend on Facebook who is not Catholic. Am I wasting my time? Also am I being disobedient when I kneel after the Hosanna, like we used to?

My children are going to a private school and they attend a traditional Latin mass on Sunday. I go to a different church during the week, that is not a traditional Latin mass. Are these things conflicting with each other?

Why is it that we typically get St. Paul’s readings week after week for the second reading, and then the rest of the bible is used for the first reading?

Given that the Genesis account of Adam and Eve is a fabrication, are we to understand other books of the Old Testament as fabrications also? The pope has recently stated that the story of creation is not accurate and that evolution is a possibility.

An atheist friend has confided in me and asked to come to an RCIA class with me. I feel it may be too soon for that. Would exchanging books (The God Delusion for an apologetics book) be a more suitable next step? I don’t want to scare him away.

My son is struggling in his confirmation class.  I would like some clarification on having confirmation separate from baptism when this is not the case in other countries. Does the individual’s understanding of the sacrament affect whether or not the sacrament is initiated? Why? My son has been criticized for his lack of understanding as not being ready to be confirmed.

I have a friend in the Apostolic denomination, he asks why do we not baptize the way Peter does in the book of Acts (in the name of Jesus). I am looking for guidance on answering that question.

Where can I find the quote by St. Augustine, “Show me your list of bishops”?

I am part of a parish liturgy commission and am having trouble getting the commision to ask the parish to observe the traditional standing and kneeling during the mass. How do I argue for appropriate posture during mass?

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