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Making the Case for Life

Trent Horn

How can we argue against the pro-choice argument that that abortion is the only thing that can save the life of a mother whose life is in danger due to her pregnancy?

Being that there are so many bad people coming into the world, why should we not allow abortion?

I am not Catholic but I am pro-life. Is the DVD helpful for those of us who are non-Catholic?

What is the best way to encourage our priest to talk about this issue from the pulpit?

If Jesus gave us free will, why do we not give women free will to choose her baby?

I heard on Catholic radio that in case of rape Catholic hospitals can administer contraceptives. Is this true?

What would be the best way to approach someone who advocates abortion because of economics?

These days abortion is so common and almost everyone knows a woman who has had an abortion. How do you encourage people who know someone who has had an abortion to reach out to that person without being afraid of offending them?

My son’s girlfriend is pro-abortion. How do I reach out to her?

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