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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

In the book of Revelations when the saints are praying for us, do they pray with the act of faith? I thought we don’t need faith in heaven.

I hear Orthodox Christians say that the pope did not approve the first seven ecumenical councils, and therefore ecumenical councils do need approval by a pope. Is this true?

The Creed says that Jesus descended into hell. Did he really go to hell as we know it? Can you give me a reference for this?

I have many non-Catholic Christian friends. How do I evangelize them without sounding pompous?

How should a Catholic interpret John 10:34? Some people cite this as proof that Jesus is not divine.

Is there is punitive punishment for not believing in Jesus, for not believing in mary, or in the authority of the pope?

I’ve heard that a group of bishops might be considering allowing people who are divorced and remarried to receive communion. Is this true? It seems to contradict Church teaching.

How can we explain to fundamentalists, who take the bible literally, why we can believe some things in the Bible are symbolic and also believe in things that are not in the Bible, like the Assumption?

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