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Open Forum

I am getting married in May. Should I invite my gay cousin’s fiance to the wedding?

I am a nurse. Would be be acceptable for me to participate in communion with my non-Catholic patients? It is hard for me to graciously decline when they are dying.

Are the Old Testament prophets saints?

Are Orthodox Christians and other schismatics such as sedevacantists permitted to receive communion in the Catholic Church?

What are some good resources in explaining the Real Presence in the Catholic Eucharist vs. the eucharist in Protestant churches.

Would it be considered a schismatic act for a Catholic to receive Communion in the Eastern Orthodox church?

Is it correct that when two baptized non-Catholics get married it is valid but not sacramental?

If a person is a child of God after they have been baptized, what were they before they were baptized? It seems odd that a person would not be considered a child of God, even before baptism.

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