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Open Forum

John 7:19-24 – Is Christ referring to the 10 commandments here? “Has not Moses given you the law? Yet not one of you keeps the law. Why are you trying to kill me?”

Based on what has recently come out on Medjugorje by the CDF, what should our view of Medjugorje be?

I have heard people say the Church is too institutionalized, what is the Catholic response?

How do I address my mother in law who says she would rather go to hell then to come back to the Catholic Church? And if you have time can you briefly explain how the consecration of the wine would work in the case of a priest who is a recovering alcoholic?

I am getting married soon. Are there any specific teachings on the Mass setting for weddings (heritage mass, creation mass etc)? I also read on the USCCB website that the procession of the bride should be done with her future husband rather than alone or with her father. Is this true?

Can you discuss the rapture? Half my family is protestant and I would just like to hear the Catholic response to it.

What does it mean in the creed when it says “we believe in all things visible and invisible”? Is it spirits and demons and stuff?

I was in Medjugorje twice and found it eerie and one of the things that was attributed to Medjugorje was “all the religions of the world are equal”. What are your thoughts?

In the genealogy of Matthew, is Jaconias the same Jaconias as the one in Jeremiah 22? How can we interpret that because it said Jeremiah was cursed and all his descendants. I heard this used on a Jewish show as a proof that Jesus is cursed and not the messiah.

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