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My Church doesn’t baptize during lent and our baby will be born around then. They said the earliest date they can do it is May 5th. I thought the Church wanted us to baptize babies as soon as possible. Can you help explain this?

I am an atheist and I am baffled by how one can believe all the supernatural stuff. How do people reconcile all the angels and unseen things with everyday life?

How does confessin compare or contrast to our last judgement? Can you elaborate on how our sins are forgiven after confession but we still have to pay for them in purgatory…

How do we explain to Protestants that the sacrifice of the mass is the sacrifice of Calvary made present but that we are not “re-crucifying Christ” at every mass?

Can I get a brief explanation on what it means to get an item blessed? I need to explain it to a friend. What it does, does it change etc.

I am orthodox and am very interested in the relationship between us and Catholicism. Looking from the Catholic perspective it is clear that there is the recognition that the Pope is the head of the Church, but it seems like in the Eastern Church that has never resonated. Is there any hope of unification between the two Churches if this is never resolved?

I don’t know how to explain how the world was populated without incest between Adam and Eve’s children. Can you help?

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