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The Chaplain Is In

Are Catholics allowed to go to a non-Catholic wedding? Also, is the devil the “bad-guy” in the world?

Can one receive communion twice a day or more?

Does someone with a severe mental illness have to go to confession?

We are relocating and the nearest Catholic school will be far away from us. Can you give me any direction on whether or not we should keep our kids in Catholic school?

Genesis 6:5-7 says that God regretted making man. Did God really regret making us or was that just a literary style?

I was recently hospitalized. On several occasions lay people have come to offer me communion. I have not been to confession in a while. Should I be receiving communion while I’m hospitalized without going to confession?

What do I tell a friend whose mother just passed away and she was a fallen away Catholic? I want to let her know that there is always hope.

My brother committed suicide a few years ago. Does he have a chance to be in heaven?

I go to Mass twice a day to make reparation for family members who do not go to Mass. Am I being scrupulous?

Isn’t it a soft message that someone who does not believe in organized religion can still be saved? It seems like it would encourage people to not believe.

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