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Open Forum

How can I demonstrate through scripture and history that Jesus established a Church and that that Church is the Catholic Church?

What does the Church teach about lucid dreaming?

I’m a third grade catechist, and I’m trying to prepare the kids for confirmation. How can I explain to third graders where the four marks of the Church came from (One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic)?

Is it Jesus or Peter that stands at the gates of heaven?

Why are some non-Catholic churches named after saints?

Is there a way to prove the existence of God?

Is it possible that one day there will be only one church on Earth?

Who is Melchizadek and why is Jesus like him? Was he a real person or is he symbolic?

I told a friend that praying to the saints was like asking a friend to pray for you. My friend asked, “Where this that in the Bible?” What do I say?

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