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Christmas Q&A

How can we share the advent season with Jahovah’s Witnesses?

When we tell children about Santa Claus doesn’t it deceive them? Aren’t we teaching them that it is okay to lie?

Don’t you think we should put more emphasis on the birth of Jesus instead of Santa Claus?

Are you aware of the story of the old man in Norway named Nicholas who would give gifts out to children?

Are you familiar with the story of the man who used the candy cane to explain scripture?

Why is the Gloria omitted on the first Sunday of Advent?

How do I respond my family tradition of buying expensive gifts for each other?

When I told my son that there is no Santa Claus he asked if that meant that there was no God. How do we present the truth of Santa Claus in a gentle manner especially to those children whose parents teach them about Santa Clause?

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