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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

I was looking at the list of Old Testament canon from Carthage and it does not have Baruch, why?

Jimmy once said that when he prayers to Mary and the saints he has a different disposition, are sinning if we do not have that disposition?

Did St. Jerome ever write on the authenticity and authority of Tobit?

Is it appropriate to have a speaking engagement in the church without removing Jesus from the tabernacle out of reverence?

I saw a movie on St.Faustina and it said that her diary was claimed heretical, but later it was discovered to be a mistranslation. Do you know about this and if so why was it?

What is the best way to serve the poor, i.e. cash donation vs making sandwiches and giving them to the poor?

I have a friend who is a lapsed Catholic and went to a wedding with me. She went up to receive communion, so afterwards I told her that she shouldn’t have received communion since she is no longer a practicing Catholic. She replied by saying ‘if I believe that Jesus is truly present then I can receive him, it’s just a rule Catholics made up.’ How do I speak to her and explain this better?

I’m a sponsor for confirmation, and our church is very liberal and I know they are going to teach modern biblical scholarship. I’m just wondering how I can respond?

Are there scriptural references for the Church being the New Jerusalem, or is that an error?

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