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Open Forum

Tom Nash

Do shrines and altars have designated angels like humans and churches do?

Is it true that the feast of the Immaculate Conception was moved to Monday because it fell on a Sunday?

I am a Methodist. What would I need to do to convert to Catholicism?

What are the qualifications of being an extraordinary minister of Communion?

Is the Agnus Dei after the Our Father a necessary part of the Mass? I went to a Mass today that didn’t include it.

Is there any evidence that the original twelve Apostles consented to Paul’s authority?

How far does Biblical inerrancy go? It seems like there are historical inaccuracies.

My friend is thinking of joining the (either Old or New) “American Catholic Church.” Their website says they are Catholic but I have my doubts. What can you tell me about this?

When Cain is exiled from his family, were there other people on the earth at that time? I’m a relatively new Catholic and I didn’t get much out of my RCIA experience, what are your thoughts on RCIA? Can you recommend a way I can get the training I didn’t receive in RCIA?

I’m divorced and haven’t received an annulment. I am not remarried. I understand that I am still married in the eyes of the Church so I don’t date. My former priest said I could receive communion. My current priest says I cannot. Which is right, and can I find this in the Catechism?

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