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Open Forum

Is it lying to tell children that Santa Claus is real?

I’m a convert to the Church and Medjugorje seems to be a large interest in our parish and I’m wondering if this is something we should spend a lot of time on?

One of my Protestant friends told me that the Ten Commandments are a part of the Old Testament, and since we are no longer bound to the Old Testament because of the New Testament. Where does this come from and is this true?

Can you explain the transliteration of Cephas from Aramaic in Latin or Greek?

Mal 2:16 says that God hates divorce. What are your thoughts in light of what’s going on in the world right now?

I was visited by some Jehovah’s witnesses and they said that the apostles chose the books of the New Testament, but I know that that’s wrong. Who chose the books of the New Testament?

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