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Church History Q&A

What is the historical perspective of the Church on the Civil War?

In the Old Testament, Egypt is seen as an enemy of God. There have been other countries that have been destroyed, so how do we justify that Egypt is still around?

A Jehovah’s witness friend said that Constantine was the one who took December 25, a pagan holiday, and make it Christian. Could you tell me the history and meaning of this December 25?

I heard the Crusades was the last time the Muslims and Jews fought side by side in defense of Jerusalem. Is that true?

I spoke to someone who said the mass is invalid because it was instituted 300 years after Jesus’ death. What is a good respinse to this?

What is the role of St. Andrew the Apostles in the Eastern Church? Was he uniting people to the West or creating his own thing?

With regards to Vatican II, how do we respond to people that think it changed everything and made the Church more liberal?

Did the elimination of the Center Party in order to obtain the concordant weaken German Catholics?

One of the ancient translators added a verse in the gospels with an extra Passover to extend his ministry. Do you know anything about this?

How are we able to validate the truth of the Old Testament?

How were popes elected in the Early Church and when did the conclave take shape?

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