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How do I respond to the statement: Mary was not the mother of God, she was only the mother of Jesus in the flesh?

Matthew 19 Jesus talks about marriage and divorce, and how some people are born incapable of marriage. Could Jesus be talking about people with same-sex attraction that shouldn’t get married?

At Mass recently there was someone who, during Communion, kept the host in his hand until the end of Mass. I approached him and said he should eat it; he ate it and then told me he was not Catholic. What should I have done?

I read an article about a woman who claims she has been ordained as a Catholic priest. Is this true?

I am civilly married now. We are getting a radical sanation to make our marriage in the Church. I went to confession but the priest wouldn’t give me absolution because this process isn’t done yet. After the radical sanation comes through do I have to reconfess everything?

In 1 Peter, what does Peter mean when he says that he is writing from Babylon? Also, is the New American Bible a good translation?

My daughter is Catholic and is marrying a non-Catholic. They are not getting married in a Catholic Church building or by a Catholic priest. If she joins his Church would she be able to come back to the Catholic Church?

As a challenge to a celibate priesthood, a Protestant minister cited to me 1 Corinthians 9:5 which talks about the apostles taking wives with them. What is the Catholic response?

In the story of Lazarus and the rich man, was the sin of the rich man that he was disconnected from humanity and from the poor? Are we falling into this trap when we live in gated communities that are separate from the poor?

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