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Pro-Life Open Forum

My 12 year old daughter is having reproductive problems and doctors are insisting that she goes on the pill, your suggestion?

Why do you think Protestant pastors shy away from speaking out against abortion from the pulpit?

What is the effectiveness of the creighton model system in avoiding a pregnancy with the use of progesterone?

Is pelvic floor pain something that NaProTechnology could help?

I have a friend in the medical field who has to transport bodies to the morgue. There was a partial birth aborted child and I was wondering if my friend is able to baptize that baby?

It seems like NFP, if done wrong, can lead to abortion. Is the Church’s teaching on NFP an infallible teaching?

Could you please give me some steps to give for someone who is struggling with fertility?

You said there is always a spiritual component to pain. Could you elaborate on that?

I’m being treated with tamoxifen and it’s known to cause birth defects and I wanted to know if it’s immoral to engage in the marital act with the possibility of life and the possibility of cause a birth defect

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